Your First Visit

Attractive Older Woman, ZenDentalCare

We see it all day.. patients leaving our office happy.

We enjoy hearing our patients rave about what makes ZenDentalCare unique. For many, it is Dr. Mira’s twenty years of uncompromising commitment to quality and thoroughness. For others, it is the skillful and caring staff. Matching the latest in dental technologies with highly individualized treatment plan sensitive to your life creates confidence that you are receiving the latest and best care.

Certainly, there are concierge level amenities that you will easily notice in our office. If the massage mats in every room are not enough to relax you, the aroma therapy with essential oils will. But other important amenities that benefit you might not be as noticeable such as digital x-rays that spare you from 90% of radiation exposure compared to traditional x-rays.

So, can a dental office really make you relax. You bet!