TMJ & Sleep Solutions

happy couple, Zen Dental CareTo keep your smile in the best shape possible, Dr. Mira is proud to offer nightguards and sports mouthguards. Our patients can maintain the health, length and beauty of their teeth, whether their needs for dental protection are from nighttime grinding or for contact sports.

“As always, pleasant and thorough. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.” – Fred M

Especially while sleeping at night, you may be grinding your teeth without even realizing it. This nightly grinding can pose serious risk to the integrity of the teeth, causing wear on the enamel, fractures in the teeth, and in some cases, a change in bite.  Our office offers a comfortable solution for nightly grinding, with a custom-fit nightguard that fits easily on the upper or lower teeth to cushion teeth from the wear of grinding. You’re sure to notice a difference in the way you feel after waking up from sleeping with a custom nightguard.

For our guests who play contact sports, Sports Mouthguards are a perfect solution for protecting the mouth from trauma. If you play aggressive sports such as football, basketball, soccer, or hockey, ask us about a custom-fit sports mouthguard to keep your grin in topnotch shape while playing the sport you love.

There are many reasons you might decide protective mouthwear is for you. If you suspect you may be grinding your teeth at night, or would like more information about sports mouthguards, we can help. Call us at to set up your consultation.