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Unfortunately, dulling and staining of the teeth is a natural process that happens with age. The things we eat, our lifestyle habits, and sometimes dental trauma can all cause our teeth to loose their luster and shine. Thankfully, we don’t have to live with these damaging effects on our smiles.

Professional teeth whitening is considered to be the safest and most effect ways to remove stains and renew shine. Dr. Mira will guide you through a process that will help achieve maximum teeth whitening results.

“I was so impressed with my teeth whitening experience. Dr. Mirabel Cayco and her staff were attentive to my needs and adjusted treatment as needed to create an optimal, pain free experience. Thank you for reviving my smile!” -Kathi K

Your teeth whitening experience will begin with an at-home conditioning treatment using a teeth bleaching tray at night. Next, a teeth whitening power bleaching technique is performed in our office. Your at-home trays can be used for touch-ups and maintenance at home, and we’ll also be happy to provide our own teeth whitening touch-ups during your hygiene checkups.

In a few short weeks, you’ll have a smile up to eight shades whiter and brighter. When properly applied and cared for, your teeth whitening treatment may last several years.

When your teeth are already in perfect health, with few flaws, the easiest way to revamp your smile might be a simple teeth whitening. Dr. Mira has the experience and tools to provide only the best in restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. Call us at Zen Dental Care. We offer the following Dental Teeth Whitening services:

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