Root Canal Therapy

smiling woman, Zen Dental CareNothing is more important than the overall health and vitality of your body.  Root canal therapy is designed to help you stop infection and keep your tooth longer.  Severe decay, gum disease, trauma, or a tooth fracture can all cause infection that spreads to the pulp, resulting in excruciating pain or tooth abscesses.  By removing the diseased tissue, the spread of infection is put to a stop and the healthy part of the tooth is restored.

Despite its reputation,  Root Canal Therapy can be almost pain-free. It involves carefully removing the affected enamel and diseased tissue, then filling the disinfected space and capping it with a porcelain crown.  Back teeth have more canals and the shape and condition of each canal will also play a factor as to how long your treatment will take.

Don’t let a painful or infected tooth get in the way of your grin. If you are worried you may have an infected or abscessed tooth because you are experiencing severe toothache, we will provide you with a root canal or help you find a qualified root canal specialist if needed. After your procedure, the health and beauty of your tooth is restored, so you can look and feel your best. Call us to schedule your exam today at (707) 595-3615.