Dental Crowns

photo of Dr. Mirabel Cayco, Zen Dental Care, Santa Rosa, CA

Crowns by our dental office are designed and placed with the appearance and function of your smile in mind! Results are so natural, you may forget there was ever a need for dental work to begin with!

There are several reasons for dentists to recommend a dental crown. A crown is a dental restoration that may be used to protect a tooth when it is at risk for a break, to attach a dental bridge, or to restore a tooth after a root canal. If you’ve had dental implants placed, crowns will be the visible restoration that looks and acts as your tooth replacement.

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Dr. Mira wants your smile too look its absolute best. Depending on your individual needs, we offer porcelain crowns and porcelain fused to high noble metal crowns to restore the grins of our guests, for the most aesthetically pleasing results and impressive stability.

All-porcelain dental crowns are provide the best benefits. Ceramic porcelain reflects light much like tooth enamel and can be matched to the coloring of surrounding teeth, for a restoration that looks beautifully natural in appearance. Porcelain materials are also extremely durable, adding strength and stabilizing the damaged tooth. With skilled, artful placement and good oral hygiene habits, a dental crown is meant to be a long-lasting, unnoticeable dental solution.

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