Permanent Dental Crowns

Home Care Instructions:

After Placement of Permanent Dental Crowns

If you received anesthesia, do not chew until the numbness has subsided.

• For the first hour avoid chewing.
• For the first day: Avoid eating hard or sticky foods. Brush as usual, but floss with care.

When flossing, remove floss from the side of the tooth

• To protect your crown, avoid chewing hard objects such as ice.
• Crowns can be brushed and flossed normally, but a desensitizing toothpaste can be used if teeth are sensitive to cold.
• Gum soreness is normal for a few days.

Immediately following placement of permanent crown:

Cold sensitivity is possible. This is usually from a normal reaction of the nerve following the procedure. Give it a couple of days and try a sensitivity protection toothpaste (i.e. Sensodyne or Crest for Sensitivity) until it subsides.
If it continues beyond a week or so or seems to worsen please call our office. Discontinue the use of any whitening toothpaste or other whitening products until the sensitivity subsides. Finally, if your bite seems off or if you cannot bite normally please call the office to have your bite adjusted. Do not wait for it to wear down on its own. Let us know if you have any other concerns.