Patient Testimonials

Many of Dr. Mirabel Cayco’s patients affectionately refer to her as Dr. Mira and appreciate her comforting manner of truly caring for the patient’s well-being.

Here are some testimonials by her recent patients:

The most comfortable dentist office I’ve ever been to. All up to date equipment and everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. I give this facility a 5 star!

Sondra, Santa Rosa, CA

I had a pretty painful toothache one Friday afternoon, and having no regular dentist, I searched on Yelp and started to call any and all dentists near me to see if I could get in the same day.
Every office I called required an appointment days later…, hello!?!?! I was in pain! Absolutely Terrible.

Zen Dental was the ONLY dental office that showed concerned and saw me asap.

Dr. Mira and her staff were so nice and made me feel comfortable. They really do care!

I was taken care of quickly and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

Zen Dental is now my regular dental office. I’m happy I’ve found a dentist that works quickly, cares about patients, listens and answers all questions and all of her staff is equally as nice and helpful.

I recommend Dr. Mira to everyone.

Do not hesitate to go see her, she’s the best!

Judith F., Rohnert Park, CA

Imagine, it’s the last day of your wine country vacation and you clumsily fall, ON YOUR FACE, and break your front tooth. Yes, this happened to me, and add to this scenario the complexity that we were on our way to a second leg of our vacation visiting family, plus I have a medical condition makes me more challenging to treat.

No matter. Dr. Cayco (Mira) and her absolutely amazing staff squeezed me in before my flight, took X-rays, triaged my broken tooth so that I was not in horrifying pain and managed to make me look presentable for my family.  I must also add that I’m somewhat of a skittish dental patient. Dr. Cayco is so wonderful when working on you, she is constantly asking how you are doing, if you’re okay, etc.

If I lived in the area, there is no doubt she would be my regular dentist after this experience.

Dr. Cayco is a consummate professional, with a fantastic support staff, to boot. They’ll take great care of you, and you will not be sorry you chose them.

Michelle N., Renton, WA

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