Tooth Extractions

Attractive healthy family, general dentisty by Zen Dental CareEveryone has different desires and needs when it comes to tooth loss. If you are currently considering your tooth replacement options, including dental implants or dentures, call Zen Dental Care for a consultation at 707-595-3615 today.

Our goal is to always help you preserve your natural teeth by all means possible, but sometimes there are reasons a tooth simply can’t be saved. That’s why it’s always important to bring up any concerns with your dentist as soon as they arise, even if it’s as simple as a toothache.  Our dentist, Dr. Mira is dedicated to providing you with the resources needed to ensure you get the best oral health care possible.

Surgical tooth extraction isn’t as scary as it sounds. With today’s advanced dentistry, numbing gels or sedation make pulling a tooth an easy, more comfortable procedure. Often, the patient feels little or no discomfort during a tooth extraction.

Rest and healing after a surgery are very important.
You’ll be given recovery instructions, which include simple precautions that help avoid infection and facilitate faster healing. In some cases, an antibiotic might be recommended.

Whether it’s the health of your tooth that has put it as risk for extraction, or you are in need of routine wisdom teeth removal, our dentist can address your health concern or help you find a qualified specialist to meet your needs. Contact us at 707-595-3615 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Mirabel Cayco.