Patient Comfort & Technology

Healthy Family Dental Care


It doesn’t take long to observe that we use the latest and greatest tools and techniques in our dentist office. But the magic is bringing that top-tier dental care with all the creature comfort to give you an unsurpassed experience. We have three guiding principles: your comfort, cutting-edge technology, and a caring, competent dentist and team.

“I could not imagine a more service-oriented dental office.  Dr. Mira lives up to all the promises. When we visit the office, we feel like the focus is really on us, and that you do whatever it takes to take care of our dental needs.Thank you!” -Katie S

We maximize your comfort and treatment with the following technologies:

  • Laser Gum Care: Many procedures can be done in less time, with better results, and less-invasively with a laser. The laser uses light energy
  • Diagnodent: This new high-tech laser system can detect tooth decay in its early stages. Treating “cavities” found by this laser fixes problems when they are small and easily fixed, before they reach “root canal and crown” proportions.
  • Velscope oral cancer exams: Early diagnosis is so important for all forms of cancer. Velscope is an important new technology that helps in early diagnosis of oral cancer. We feel so strongly that we provide this service free of charge, even though most offices charge an additional fee.
  • Power Whitening: Whitening is an extremely popular cosmetic procedure. This in-office tooth whitening yields dramatic results in a short time making it superior to over the counter products. Combine the bleaching gel, the energy of the activation mix, and a one-hour office visit and you will leave with a brighter, whiter smile.
  • Intra-oral camera: Have you ever wondered what the dentist was really seeing while looking in your mouth? We use an ultra-small digital camera connected to a TV monitor to show you the state of your teeth. It helps you understanding what is really wrong, how it can be fixed, and see the results. That peace of mind is extremely important.
  • Pre-heated anesthesia: Patient can feel the difference. Our numbing agents are warmed to body temperature to make injections in many cases virtually painless.
  • Digital Radiography: New systems allow taking x-rays that display on a computer monitor. Not only can you see your x-rays better but you will be exposed to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays.

For us cutting edge dentistry with a focus on comfort is simply not enough. We enjoy going the extra mile to give you concierge service and spa-like amenities.

  • Wi-Fi internet access means you’ll never to miss an e-mail, tweet, or Facebook post.
  • Comfortable reclining dental chairs are so cushy that many patients actually take naps.
  • Noise canceling headphones help block out the world for our patients who are sound sensitive.
  • Warm blankets keep you cozy and warm during your care.
  • Dark glasses nicely protect you from the glare of those bright dental lights.
  • Hot towels are offered at the conclusion of your visit.

We are passionate about our patients.  Whether your dental needs are simple or complex, Dr. Mira and our qualified, caring team are here to help.